Track All Tips Archive carefully every day. Stay informed about the manner and style of our tipsters football predictions. Archives are completely transparent and updated every morning.

Paid Football Tips Archives

Why is so important to track paid football tips arhive daily?

The archives of any paid soccer prediction site are the most important thing to look at before purchasing their service. Unfortunately, there are still sites that don’t post their matches after they’re done. This is what separates real professional tipsters from scam football tipsters.

How will you know the style of the tipster’s predictions, the odds, the type of bet, and everything else if the archives are not updated correctly every day? What if there are no archives of soccer predictions on the site at all?

That’s exactly why we upload absolutely every tip every day from 2016 till today.

How to check the transparency of our Archives?

The easiest way to understand the transparency of each bet type is to try it. That’s exactly why we have the 1 Day Paid Tip service. So you will see exactly when we give out our predictions, as well as how we update the site after the end of the matches.

Another way to see that things are working as they should is to ask us to provide you with a snapshot of email correspondence with current customers. So you can also see what we are doing and what we are updating on the site.

We encourage you to contact us and ask any questions you may have about archives and be aware of every detail before purchasing any service.

This way, you will be calm and satisfied that everything will be fine.

When you upload all matches in the betting archive?

All matches are uploaded to the relevant table on the home page every night after the matches end, or early in the morning in case there have been late matches.

In short, all results from the current month can be found on the home page, and all past results on the archive pages of each service.