Asian Handicap Explained with Example

Asian Handicap Guide

You may have heard opinions about how difficult it is to understand the basis of this type of betting. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to understand the Asian Handicap in detail. We guarantee that after reading this material you will use it freely, without worries.

The essence of the Asian Handicap

We find many positive aspects of the Asian Handicap.

This is a market that gives you freedom, high odds, and an advantage.

There is a European version that differs in many ways from the Asian one.

While the European has three betting options, the Asian limits you to two events.

It is wrong to say that equality does not participate in Asian handicaps, as it can bring you full or partial losses and gains.

Here we must mention that this market brings you more solid profits compared to standard end betting bets.

Even if the options look exactly the same, the odds on the regular market for the winner pay about 90%, and those of the Asian handicap over 95%.

The difference is huge, which leads to significantly higher rates.

As an advantage, we cannot fail to point out the possibility of returning pledged funds or partial profits.

Below you will find information on when you can get your bet back. Also how the payouts are made, in case of partial success, in the various bookmakers.

Types of Asian Handicap for the winner

Participates in various formations, which we will consider in detail to fully understand its meaning.

The Asian Handicap is written with numbers in front of which you can meet a plus or a minus, depending on which team gets the advantage.

As already mentioned, there are only two options here, unlike the European Handicap.

The lines for the winner are different, starting from minus for the favorite and reaching positive values ​​for the outsider, i.e. you add the corresponding number to the final result.

Another difference from the European Handicap is the presence of negative and positive values ​​for a team.

Asian Handicap Explained by Asianfootballbetting

Handicap 0.0

A standard variant is used mostly in an equal collision.

Then the coefficients are almost identical. Fully meets the Draw no bet, with the difference that here you will get higher rates.

If the team wins or draws, your bet is multiplied by the odds of 1.00.

For example, we will give a meeting about the upcoming World Cup

The coefficient for the Asian Handicap is 0.0 of Portugal is 3.30, and that of Spain is 1.33. If you bet BGN 10 on the Portuguese team, you win EUR 33.

In case of a draw, however, the bet of EUR 10 will be returned to your account. Winning for Spain means that your bet was unsuccessful.

Handicap 0.25

Here we are already entering the handicaps, which are of two types – plus and minus.

Let’s start with the positive option.

With it, the guest gets the advantage.

If your team wins the match, your bet is multiplied by the given odds, but in a draw, the situation is a little different.

Half of your bet is successful and the other half returns. That is, when EUR 10 is set at Handicap +0.25 at odds of EUR 2.20, EUR 5 is returned, and the remaining EUR 5 is multiplied by EUR 2.20.

The market with a minus sign is almost identical. The difference is that with a tie, you get back half the amount, but the rest turns out to be a loser.

Handicap 0.5

Extremely popular betting option, as in most matches there is a clear favorite.

This Asian Handicap gives a half-goal advantage to the team you bet on.

It is easy to explain, as there are no partial gains and losses here.

At +0.5 you win if your team wins or draws, but at -0.5 your bet only wins if you win.

Handicap 0.75

Yes, there is another half that you will find in the list of Asian Handicaps.

Some bookmakers mark it as “0.5,1.0”, while others use the standard name, as we set it – 0.75.

In this market, we are talking about a more serious advantage. There are three ways to pay.

At +0.75 you win all potential winnings in the event of a win or draw for the team you bet on.

Minimal loss of your team leads to partial failure, ie you lose half the bet.

Losing 2 or more goals means you have to part with the entire bet.

Here is a visual example:

You bet EUR 10 for +0.75 on AC Milan at odds of 1.75 against Juventus.

With a score of 3:2 in favor of Juventus, you lose only EUR 5.

If the match had ended at 2:2, you would have won, but with a score of 4:2, the loss would have been complete.

The negative version of this market can bring you partial success.

This happens when your team wins with 1 goal.

Overall success, however, is only achievable if you win with two or more hits.

If we have to take the same example from above, but with a bet of -0.75 for Juventus, it means that you would have reached a partial profit.

In this situation, the odds are multiplied by half the bet.

Handicap 1.0

Asian Handicap 1.0 is easy to calculate, as you only add one goal to the final outcome of the match.

For example, AH +1.0 brings you a payout or a win for your team, while a minimal loss means a return on the bet.

You completely lose your bet in case your team is defeated by two or more goals.

AH, -1.0 is used for the favored teams that are expected to achieve a convincing and effective victory.

The option becomes winning if you succeed with at least 2 goals difference. You get your bet back if your team wins by a minimum margin.

There are many other variants of the Asian Handicap for the final outcome, following this sequence of quarters.

The next step is 1.25, then 1.5, and so on. For matches with a clear favorite, it is possible to meet a handicap of -3.5, which brings gains in victory with a minimum of 4 goals difference.

Asian Handicap Explained Table

Other events with Asian Handicap 

In addition to the final outcome, you will find an Asian Handicap for Corners, cards, and goals.

The logic of the calculation is the same as in the end-market, with quarters again.

Asian Handicap Line Over / Under 2.0

Over 2.0 is a useful alternative for low-scoring championships, which significantly ensures you.

You will win if the goals are 3, and on exactly 2 goals you get your bet back. You lose if there are 0 or 1 goal in the match.

Under 2.0 follows the opposite logic. You will win if there are 0 or 1 goal in the match.

You can get your money back if there are exactly 2 goals. With 3 or more hits, bets are losing.

Asian Handicap Line Over / Under 2.25

Here again, partial gains and losses come into play.

Over 2.25 means you only win if there are 3 or more goals.

If there are exactly 2 hits, you lose half the bet. 0 or 1 goal in the match means that the bookmaker will collect the entire amount.

Under 2.25 pays out two types of profits. With 0 or 1 goal in the match, your bets are completely winning, while with exactly 2 goals you win half the bet. 3 or more hits bring you a loss.

Asian Handicap Line Over / Under 2.5

This market does not need further clarification, as it is identical to the ordinary goal line.

For a winning bet on the “over” you need a minimum of 3 goals, and on the “floor” in the match should not be more than 2 goals.

Asian Handicap Line Over / Under 2.75

It also occurs as Over/ Under 2.5,3.0. Over 2.75 is winning with 4 or more goals in the match.

With exactly 3 hits you win half the bet, and with 0, 1, or 2 goals you lose.

Bets under 2.75 are successful with a maximum of 2 goals. If there are exactly 3 goals, half the bet is losing. More than 4 hits mean that your bets are completely losing.

Asian Handicap Corners

Most bookmakers adhere to the standard sizing of Asian Corners. They do not include splits.

Most often you will find integers that are in the range of 7 to 13 corner kicks in the match.

If the number of corners is exactly the same as the indicated value, you will get your money back, and with more corners, you win the maximum announced potential profit.

The Asian Handicap for Corners with halves, for example, 10.5, meets the criteria of the regular line.

The payout of winnings for card bets is identical.

The useful side of the Asian Handicap in these statistical forecasts is that it certainly honors you if the market is one step away from the performance, but still stays one below the set line.

What makes Asian Handicap so popular?

A decade ago, the Asian handicap was among the smallest markets among domestic bettors.

This was mainly due to the lack of awareness of its various directions and useful aspects, and the essence of the market was difficult to understand for the average customer.

The advent of betting and betting sites has changed and made Asian markets one of the most popular.

Of course, its popularity is due to greater security and a higher probability of outperforming the bookmaker.

However, the options are reduced to 2, not as in the standard end result – win, draw, or loss.

You get a partial or full return if you are close to the correct prediction of the event, which is missing in European football.

The application of Asian lines is worth it, so explore their possibilities through the examples and tables described above.

Concluding remarks

Asianfootballbetting Team hopes this article provides you with answers to the main questions that may arise when using an Asian handicap.

You need to be aware of all the options in order to be able to choose the best among them.

The Asian handicap, unlike the European one, contains significantly more events.

For a team, you will encounter both positive and negative markets.

The Asian Handicap is suitable for gamblers on a variety of principles.

Some options have high odds and are recommended for surprise seekers, while others have extremely low rates with minimal risk.

We advise you to analyze the match in advance and then focus on the Asian markets, so as not to be influenced by the favoring of some teams.

Bookmakers can also make mistakes in calculating the handicap and placing fake favorites.

Be careful with the Asian Handicap live, because in these cases it is not affected by the current result, and its calculation starts from 0:0, i.e. you bet on the development until the end of the match.

You can place Asian Handicap bets on the most popular online betting platforms in the home market.

The largest is the abundance of Asian markets at bet365.