Challenge tip

The idea of the 100€ to 1,000€ Asian Betting Challenge is to bet on low odd bets which we think have a very high chance of winning. Challenge tip is a service created for customers who didn’t like risky betting.

How it works:

Choose your initial bet to start with asian betting challenge, and we will give to you matches with a low odds, because we are looking for 10 wins in a row.
The goal is to predict 10 wins without investing money other than first bet + profits from every step.
We recommended our customers to use Martingale betting system if any of the matches does not come, because we have a statistics that the chance of losses is 20%, so you have to bet all money from the last step.

For Example:

Step 1 bet on Man Untd vs Stoke City – Start to bet with € 100 at -0.5 Home for Man Untd – odd 1.30-1.40 and if home team win you will get € 125.

Step 2 – Bet € 125 bet at odds 1.30-1.40 and win € 156 etc. to step 10.
After 10 steps, you will be around € 1000 win, because the larger is bet, respectively grow and profit.

Price: 150.00 Euro