Is PayPal the best payment option for online betting?

PayPal is the most famous electronic payment system. It is an electronic alternative to subsequent payments by checks and bank transfers. Its users can be individuals, traders, large companies, and corporations. It is owned by eBay Inc., with more than 90 percent of eBay payments made through PayPal.

With PayPal, anyone with a valid email can transfer money to another person via email. The initiator of the transfer must first open a PayPal account and secure it with funds. The Payment Method account can be secured by credit, debit card, or bank account. To receive the money, the recipient can request a check from PayPal, open a PayPal account or specify a bank account to transfer the amount. In this sense, PayPal is an intermediary that facilitates e-commerce around the world without disclosing financial information in transactions.

With this method, you can pay wherever it is marked with their logo or it is explicitly stated in the payment methods that this is possible.

The cards you can register in their system are:

-Visa credit card;
-Credit card MasterCard;
-American Expres credit card;
-Credit card Discover.

Asianfootballbetting must warn you that PayPal does not accept all types of cards! Even if it says that they accept such cards, if the bank has not allowed online payment with this type of card, it will not accept it.

Sending money with PayPal

When you want to send money to someone, you must first know that you will need the recipient’s email and send the amount through it. Here’s how:

You go to “Send Payment”. Fill in the recipient’s email, then the amount you want to send, and select the required currency for this purpose. You also have several options to choose from. They play the role of something as a basis for payment.

Once you have filled in everything you need, continue with the “Continue” button and then confirm with “Send Money”.

Receiving of money

When you receive money through PayPal, it should be reflected directly in the balance on the main page, and you may have options “Accept” and “Deny”. Moreover, accept or reject the payment/amount received.

You have received money, but you do not have a PayPal account?

Yes, there is this option, when someone transferred money to you without asking if you have PayPal or not.

If this happens, you will receive an email informing you that PayPal has sent you an amount.

What you need to do to get the amount is to register, ie. to make a PayPal. Your registration must be with the email to which the amount was sent and the notification letter for the amount received to you was received.

Once you have an account, you must verify your email address by following the steps described above.

When you have completed the registration and confirmation of your email address, the amount received should already be reflected in your account.

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