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We have selected the best Quality Betting Tips based on many parameters and years of research. Below you can see each one of our Betting Tips and our Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Discount Prices.

Single Betting Tips

In the case of Single Bet Predictions, it is very important to bet on only 1 match. This is one of the most wanted Basic Bets, where the probability of a successful bet is high.

What do you receive buying Single Tip?

  • Single bet
  • Odds from 1.60 up to 2.00
  • Short-term success rate – Over 85%
  • Long-term success rate – Over 75%
  • Risk Level – Low to Medium
  • Stake – High
  • Replacement tips included
  • Betting Tip Available every day

Double Quality Betting Tips

In the Double tip, we accumulate the odds with multiple bets. In other words, the odds of selected events within the football match are multiplied one by one and form a higher value.

By purchasing Double Betting Tip you will receive

  • 2 Combined Matches
  • Odds from 2.00 up to 3.00
  • Short-term success rate – 85%
  • Long-term rate – Over 87%
  • Risk – Medium
  • Replacement tips included
  • Available every day

Bid Odds Quality Tips

Big Odds is a Single Bet with high odds, which should never be combined with other types of bets. It is characterized by its higher risk, but also higher profits.

What do you receive buying Big Odds Tips?

  • Single bet with high odds
  • Odds from 2.00 up to 3.00
  • Short-term success rate – 70%
  • Long-term rate – Over 70%
  • Risk – Medium to High
  • Replacement tips included
  • Available every day

Guaranteed Betting Sure Tip

This is our Single Bestseller with Money Back Option. Moreover, it is characterized by its higher price but has a very high % of Security. For the Guaranteed tip service, we choose the best bet of the day. Therefore this is definitely the definition of a Quality Betting Tip

Buying Guaranteed Quality Betting Tips

  • Very Secured Single Bet
  • Odds from 1.60 up to 1.80
  • Short term Success rate – 95%
  • Long-term Success rate – Over 90%
  • Risk – Very Low
  • Money-Back in case of loss
  • First tip every day
  • Available every day

Corner Tip

Corner bets are one of the relatively new additions to the range for betting on football matches. Most importantly, Betting on Corner Predictions becoming increasingly popular due to their dynamism and attractive odds.

What do you get when you buy Corner Tip?

  • Single bet
  • Odds from 1.70 up to 2.00
  • Short-term success rate – 80%
  • Long Term Success rate – Over 83%
  • Risk – Low to Medium
  • Replacement tips in case of losses
  • Available every day

Challenge Betting Tip

This is a typical Single Bet with low odds. We at Asianfootballbetin decided to make this boring bet more interesting by turning it into a 10-day Betting Challenge. Please follow the Example table below.

Purchasing Challenge Tip

  • 10-Day Betting Challenge
  • Odds from 1.25 up to 1.40
  • 10-Day Success rate – Over 95%
  • Monthly Success rate – Over 90%
  • Risk – Very Low
  • No replacement tips included
  • Available in 10 days

An example of 10-Day Challenge Betting:


WIN 130€


WIN 169€


WIN 220€


WIN 285€


WIN 371€


WIN 428€


WIN 627€


WIN 815€


WIN 1060€


WIN 1378€

The idea of the 10-Day Challenge is very simple. In other words, you have to bet on well-selected selected matches with low odds. In addition, it’s a must to use the right Betting Strategy. If you don’t have the right betting strategy or you are a beginner, we will help you with this, of course. Above all, we are not 100% insured against a chance of loss. In this case, we have to bet as much as we would bet if the losing bet is a winning one. This rule applies not only if you have 1 loss, but also 2 consecutive.

Here are some frequently asked questions about football betting sites.

Where can I get the Best Betting Tips?

You can easily check all the information about us and the work we do on the site. We are confident in what we do every day and we can say that we are one of the leaders in the betting industry.

Which is the most accurate betting prediction site?

As we said in the above sentence – we think that’s the team of and our Quality Betting Tips.

Monthly subscription advantage

Of course, when you become our customers for a month or more, you have a huge discount. But that’s not all. Most importantly, will get the most important things to become a successful bettor:

  • The best betting strategies and how they work.
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